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Matt Rothe

Matt Rothe

Co-founding the FEED Collaborative has allowed Matt to do exactly what he wants to be doing: exploring the intersection of design thinking, social entrepreneurship, experiential education in food, and the existential questions that plague our food system.  His career before launching the FEED Collaborative is perhaps best summed up by way of a recent blog post:

“When it comes to the food system, I’m like Johnny Cash:  I’ve been everywhere, man.  I was raised on a conventional corn farm in Colorado, and when I needed a little more cash than my dad could pay me, I took a job as a picker in what was then the world’s largest beef slaughter plant.  I’ve worked as a dishwasher in three states, have earned cash under the table as a cook, and have spent months working in various locations—most of them malodorous and uncomfortable—alongside non-English speaking migrant farm workers.  Before becoming a supply chain expert, entrepreneur, quasi food scientist, armchair food economist, urban micro-farmer, sustainable food guru, and food system d.tinkerer, I worked in fast food to support a slow food habit of fly-fishing.”

Matt earned a BA in Environmental Earth Science from Dartmouth College and an MBA from the Graduate School of Business at Stanford.  When not dusting his diplomas, he can be found with a full belly at the Stanford Community Farm.  For more information, check out his personal website.